When Does Your Business Need Computer Consulting Services?

One of the first things that businesses do to eliminate costs is cut services. But cutting computer consulting services could be a mistake, especially if your business depends on a properly managed IT system. In some cases, an improperly managed system will show signs of ineffectiveness before it presents major problems, while in others its mismanagement is immediately obvious. In either case, having a consultant on your side is key to correcting the problem and moving on with business.

Four Signs That your Company Needs Computer Consulting Help

Regardless of your company’s age or line of business, a mismanaged IT system could cause it problems ranging from small inconveniences to major pitfalls. Below, we list four signs that a business needs to consult with IT experts.

1. Spam Makes Accessing Legitimate Emails Difficult

For businesses, spam flooding typically results from (a) the malfunction of an onsite spam filter or (b) a spam filter with improper settings. Spam floods can range from moderate to severe, with a filter malfunction often resulting in thousands of spam mailings per hour, making it difficult to access legitimate emails amid the spam. If your business experiences a moderate to severe volume of spam, consulting with IT experts can offer affordable solutions for making your business inboxes spam free.

2. Your System was Anonymously Hacked

Hacking is the one problem that no business expects to encounter. But when it happens, it can result in everything from sensitive data theft to the theft of customer financial information, an event that effectively destroys customer confidence. Whether you’ve experienced a purely malicious attack or one that accessed sensitive information for gain, consulting with an IT expert about improving your firewall protection is the best move.

3. Data Theft Occurred from the Inside

If companies don’t expect their data to be stolen from without, they certainly don’t expect it to be stolen from within. But just as foreign parties can be lured by the financial prospect of possessing your information, so can familiar ones. In fact, statistics show that the theft of corporate data happens more frequently from within than from without. If you don’t have a client side firewall that protects against information theft from inside of your network, it’s best have an IT expert implement one as soon as possible.

4. Your Data is Only Backed Up Onsite

While there’s nothing wrong with backing up data onsite, backing it up only onsite could pose serious threats to its preservation, and ultimately the preservation of your business. Research shows that companies that lose their information typically close their doors within a year after the loss, an event that could result from fire, flooding, natural disasters, or physical theft of hardware. If your information is backed up only onsite, consulting with an IT expert about offsite information back up is one of the best security decisions you could make.